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books, courses, podcasts & resources for grassroots 
soccer coaches of all levels and abilities

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Easy-to-understand resources to improve and give confidence to amateur grassroots soccer coaches, beginner coaches, volunteers and parents.

With these coaching books you will be able to set up and run training sessions, improve your players and your soccer coaching knowledge. 

For youth and adults I suggest starting with the book "Training Sessions For Soccer Coaches - Volume 1".

For coaching children soccer, start with "Coaching Kids Soccer - Volume 1".

Any questions email me at

Chris King

(United Kingdom - verified purchase)

Great little book to get you started on your coaching journey.

This book is brilliant for any new coach. Well set out and simple to understand.

Amazon Customer
(UK - verified purchase)

This book is excellent if you want to improve and develop your coaching career!

It teaches you how to set up training professionally and be well organised in running coaching sessions!

(United Kingdom - verified purchase)

Great book for coaches starting out with a new team.

(USA - verified purchase)

This book is great for all ages and can be adapted for any level of play.


The drills a clear and precise with adaptations noted. The drills use multiple players at a time so that no one is left just standing in line.


I would recommend this book for anyone from Recreational level through college level.

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