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Reviews from Chris King's previous kids soccer coaching books:


"Great little book to get you started on your coaching journey. This book is brilliant for any new coach. Well set out and simple to understand." - Amazon Verified Purchase - UK


"The drills use multiple players at a time so that no one is left just standing in line."  Amazon Verified Purchase - USA


About The Book:

Are you a first time soccer coach, parent or volunteer new to coaching grassroots soccer?
Then this book is for you!

Learn 50 tips and advice for new soccer coaches plus FUN SOCCER GAMES THAT HOLD THE ATTENTION OF KIDS!

Even if you've never played or coached soccer you will become confident in taking a children's soccer team using the advice, games, drills and skills in this book!

This short, easy to understand soccer coaching book include games that hold the attention of 3 to 6 year olds.

You will learn 50 pieces of advice that have been put together from years of coaching childrens soccer. This book will save you time and includes:

  • Tips on what to keep in mind when teaching young children.
  • How to easily plan and set up your training sessions.
  • 8 Soccer games for kids learning the game of soccer.


With this book you and the kids will be having fun all season long!

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