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 “Coaching Kids Soccer - Volume 2”


"These books are great for new coaches. They have plenty of information and are easy to understand."
"It teaches you how to set up training and be well organised in running coaching sessions!"

This easy to understand book provides drills for teaching essential soccer skills to kids.

These drills are 100% on the ball so kids aren't standing in lines getting bored!

I've put together fun skill based games that kids love so you can use them for your next training session. You will be able to set up simple, fun and effective drills and organise a practice session in 5 minutes!

So if you’re ready to learn soccer games such as “SPACE INVADERS”👾, “ZOMBIES”🧟 and “SHIPWRECKED WITH SHARKS”🦈 scroll up and grab a copy of the book!

After reading this book you will be able to teach kids how to do skills such as :

  • Passing & Controlling
  • Dribbling & Turns
  • Get comfortable on the ball (by using kids skills such as "Happy Feet, "Sole Rolls" etc)
  • Plus lots more!


With tips on what to keep in mind when teaching young children plus diagrams & images throughout, this book will help kids learn soccer while having the maximum amount of fun!

You will become a better coach because of this book.


Note: Volume 1 of Coaching Kids Soccer is also available!

Coaching Kids Soccer - Volume 2

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