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This book is for soccer/football coaches of all levels who want to add attacking and shooting drills to their training sessions.


In football the aim is to get the ball in the back of the net and the drills in this book will improve your players' attacking and finishing skills. All the drills have an accompanying link so you can see the drills as a short animated video (the links to a members page for buyers of this book is listed further on in the book).


I believe that most drills don’t have to be overly complicated. With non-professional players you may only have them for a few hours each week so these drills are simple and effective - working on players forward movement and finishing skills.


Most drills can be adjusted to suit the number of players you have at your session. I understand that on any night player numbers vary, so most of these drills are adjustable for more or less players.


The attacking and shooting drills that are easy to set up and easy to explain to your players. Each drill is broken down into a Purpose; Set Up; The Drill; Key Points; and Coaches Notes


This way you can see at a glance what the drill is aimed at improving, the amount of players that work best for the drill and some key points that you should focus on and explain to the players.

Attacking & Shooting Drills For Soccer Coaches - Volume 1

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