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Soccer Rondos Volume 2 


Rondo’s are small sided drills that improve players technique, touch, movement and awareness in tight areas. This book will show you the importance of the rondo and gives you rondos that you can implement straight away into your sessions.


They should be incorporated into EVERY training session that you run. After the warm up, get the players straight into a rondo. You will see their enjoyment and engagement improve almost instantly and it sets the standard for the rest of the session.


Rondos will help:

  • Improves technique in tight areas
  • Encourages intelligent movement
  • Improve players passing in triangles
  • Improve the players press with maximum efficiency
  • Help players close passing lanes
  • Improve the players enjoyment at training
  • Improve payers ability to read the intentions of the opposition
  • Improve the intensity of the training session


A player can touch the ball twenty to forty times in a 5 minute rondo. Plus they are meaningful touches that require players to adjust and pass the ball in a game scenario.Compared to if it was a basic, static passing drill, players may only touch the ball 5-10 times and it wouldn’t be in a realistic, pressure environment.


The book file will be instantly downloadable as a PDF file once purchased. 

Soccer Rondos - Volume 2

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