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The aim is to put the Defenders in outnumbered situations to improve their decision making and decisiveness. This is a progression to a more game-like situation.


12 Players plus 1 Goalkeeper (if less players just have

Large rectangle (40x30 yards)

1 Large goal + 2 mini goal


Set up a large rectangle with a large goal at one end and two mini goals at the other.

6 Attackers versus 3 Defenders and a goalkeeper (the other 3 Defenders wait to the side of the large goal).

Attackers can score in the large goal and Defenders can score in either mini goal.

Play starts by the coach passing a ball to the Attacking team. They have 15 seconds to score.

Once they have scored, the ball goes out or the Defenders win possession and score players quickly reset and the coach plays another ball into the Attackers.

If the Defenders win the ball they try to score in either of the 2 mini goals.

The Attackers have 8 goes (with the Defenders swapping out with their 3 team mates after every 2 goes) and then the roles reverse.


  • The Defenders should stay fairly compact and move together. There is no use spreading out and getting picked off - instead they should cover the dangerous central area together and move side to side as the ball moves.

  • Defenders talking and organising each other is vital! And make sure the Goalkeeper, who can see everything, is organising them too!

  • Defenders don’t be lazy or scared when they win possession. Spread out quickly and pass and try to get forward to score before the Attackers can drop back. It will be hard work 3v6 but composure on the ball, shielding and making a good pass will all be improved.

  • This drill is meant to represent a desperate and dangerous defending situation, so Defenders should be ready to tackle, block, jockey, recover and do whatever is necessary to stop the Attack. In a game situation, blocking a pass or shot or tackling and getting the ball out of play will delay the attack. This gives vital seconds to their teammates to recover and help out.


  • If it’s too hard for the Defenders, make it 6v4 (instead of 6v3).

  • If it’s too hard for the Attackers to score, increase the time limit to 30 seconds (instead of 15 seconds).

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Chris King

3 Defenders v 6 Attackers. The Attackers should move the ball with urgency as they only have 15 seconds to score.

The coach passes to the Reds and the game is live. Reds aim to pass or dribble their way through and get a shot on goal as soon as possible.

Once the 3 Yellows have defended for 2 goes swap them out for the other 3 Yellows. 8 turns total then swap the roles of the teams.

Happy Coaching!

Chris King Soccer Coach

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