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  • This drill is aimed at improving strikers decision making on the break. Sometimes players get confused when attacking goal and they have extra options, or extra time. This drill will help them decide when to pass or shoot themselves when they are on the break.


  • 10 to 16 players (+ 2 GK)

  • Use a third to half the pitch

  • 25 Minutes

  • 2 large goal


  • Players set up with 3 attackers in one half and two defenders in the other half.

  • Play begins when the goalkeeper distributes it to the attacking team (usually to the most advanced player so they can bounce it back to a teammate).

  • Defenders cannot defend until the attackers are across the halfway line.

  • Attackers can either combine with passes or dribble past defenders and aim to get a shot on goal as quickly as possible before more defenders would get back to help out in a match situation.

  • If the defenders win it, they pass it back to their goalkeeper and then they start an attack. The 3 attackers from the other team go off and two defenders come on along with an attacker for the team that just defended.


  • Speed of Attack - Don’t dilly dally! This drill is designed to replicate a counter attack, so players should attack directly while there are only two defenders.

  • One Touch Passing - Move the defenders around with one touch passing to create space for the third attacker to get a shot on goal.

  • Desperate Defending - As the defenders are outnumbered they will need to go to the danger area (the player with the ball and centre area) and adjust as best they can when the ball is moved from side to side. They will either need to jockey to buy extra seconds for their teammates to get back. Or if the attackers have a bad touch, put a tackle in. Also they should show the defenders outside down the lines, not into the central attacking area.

  • Dribble Past Defenders - As the defender may be worried about a quick pass to another attacker it may be a great chance to knock the ball past them and get one on one with the goalie or get a cross in.

More drills like this are available from my eBooks and Paperback books (availble from this website or directly from Amazon) for only a few dollars. Any support is welcome! Happy coaching! Chris

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