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PURPOSE: To get players to set up in good defensive positions when their team loses the ball, with their aim to keep the ball high up the field and allow their teammates to win back possession.

SET UP: -10 to 20 Players (split the group into two separate groups. For example, if you have 20 players split into 2 lots of 10 players and then it will be 5v5 in each group). -6 Cones + 3 Discs -30x40 yard area -20 minutes

THE DRILL: 5v5 with Blacks starting in possession.

As soon as the first pass is made, 2 Whites can enter the other half to try and win possession.

Once Whites win possession they try to pass or dribble back to the other half to their teammates.

At the same time, as soon as Blacks lose possession, the two deepest players should set up across the halfway line to block the easy pass out for the White team back to their teammates.

Play is continuous, with players from the defensive team rotating who goes across each time.

KEY POINTS: -Make sure that the team in possession has a good shape. They should spread out around the square. -Get the player on the team in possession to move the ball to the side of their body where the defender isn’t (as they should have been doing in the Rondo earlier). This creates good habits and keeps good possession. -When a team wins possession they should look to transition back to their half quickly before the opposition has time to block the passing lanes.

COACHES NOTES: -Get the players to work hard continuously. Stop every 5 minutes for a quick recovery and work on tasks with them (ie are attackers moving the ball away from the defender with their first touch? Are defenders transitioning quickly back to their half when they win possession? And most importantly, are the deepest players from the team that just lost possession setting up to block the passing lanes straight away?)

-Make sure the attacking team is spread out around the square.

-Make sure the two defenders that are getting across to win the ball get across quickly. The best time to win possession back is before a team can get in shape and get organised.

- Both sides should be doing lots of talking and organising to make sure their shape is right and players are pushing over to the other half straight away.

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Happy Coaching! Chris King.

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