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HELP! MY DRILL ISN’T WORKING! (What to change to make your drill run smoother)

For coaches of amateur football, I understand that you may have players with different skill levels & different amounts of players at any given session.

And sometimes a drill is just not working the way you had hoped it would.

So to help your drill to run smoother or to change things up if it isn’t working properly, keep in mind these 4 tips:

TIP 1: REDUCE OR ENLARGE THE AREA Make it a tight area for skilled players so they have less time to react. Make it a larger area if you want the players to have more time.

TIP 2: ADD IN A NEUTRAL PLAYER (also called an ‘Overload’ or ‘Joker’) This player usually plays on the team in possession & therefore makes the team without the ball work harder.

TIP 3: ADD IN A TOUCH RESTRICTION Make it 1 or 2 touch so that it is harder or unlimited touches to make it easier.

TIP 4: DIFFERENT WAYS TO SCORE Make different ways to score a goal instead of just scoring into a goal (ie 10 passes = 1 goal. Scoring a goal from an overlapping run is worth 2 goals).

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Happy coaching! Chris King.

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