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Updated: Aug 25, 2021


  • Strikers are practicing beating a defender one on one and also finishing crosses. While wingbacks and wingers work together at the same time, practicing overlapping runs from the wingback.


  • 9 to 15 players (+ 1 GK) - Even amount of players on each cone

  • Use a third of the pitch.

  • 20 Minutes

  • 1 large goal + 4 poles (or 4 dummies)


  • 3 players each on each of the 3 cones (or even amount on each cone if more players)

  • The central attacker dribbles at the dummy, cutting inside and takes a shot. They then peel off and run around the outside dummy near the far post.

  • At the same time, player #2 runs at the dummy, passes to player #3 and overlaps them. Player #3 takes the ball inside to make space for the overlapping run and then hits a reverse pass to Player #2. Player #2 then crosses to the striker.

  • Players rotate from Cone A to Cone B (Striker to wingback). Cone B to Cone C (Wingback to Winger). Cone C to Cone A (Winger to striker).


  • High Intensity - Once the players have had a couple of run throughs and know their roles, the intensity should be at match pace.

  • Timing of runs - Firstly the striker wants to time their run to the back post so they arrive just as the ball is about to be crossed. Secondly the wingback needs to “get on their bike” straight away when they pass to the winger to get around them so they are ready to receive the reverse pass. They want to be meeting the pass so they can cross first time if need be.


  • Add a defender in the box.

  • Change the drill to the other side

  • Wide players can mix it up and perform a one-two to beat the dummy.

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