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Showing the striker how and where to make runs.


  • 6 Players plus a Goalkeeper (Up to 9 or 10 players works well also. Just add in extra wingers and strikers)

  • ⅓ of a soccer pitch

  • 3 mannequins (or poles)


This is a great drill to always have if you’re stuck for a shooting drill. It’s fairly easy to set up, it’s high intensity, there’s lots of passing combinations, lots of shots on goal and players can swap roles.

A third or half pitch is perfect for this drill. Mark out two channels down each side, 10 yards in from the sideline.

Set up 3 mannequins (who act as Defenders) across the ‘D’ at the top of the box.

2 wingers are in the channels delivering the initial ball to start play and also providing crosses. 2 central Midfielders plus 2 Attackers are in the middle behind the mannequins.

To start, the ball comes in from a winger to a Midfielder and then simply play different combinations to put the strikers in on goal.

These combinations can be:

- Balls passed in behind a mannequin for the striker to run onto

- A quick one/two/three with the striker

- Midfielder plays it back out to the winger to cross in for the striker to finish

- A ball to the strikers feet with their back to mannequin so they can practise rolling off, taking a quick touch out of their feet and shooting

- Let the players make up their own combinations naturally, just make sure it is all done at pace with lots of physical and verbal communication (playing pointing to where they want the ball, when to start the run etc)


  • Positive forward runs from the striker.

  • Positive forward passing from the midfielders (central and wingers) to put the striker in.


  • There are endless combinations to this drill: 1. You can play it straight to the striker who can take on the mannequin or do a one-two with a midfielder. 2. Players can pass all the way across to the opposite winger. 3. The striker can move out of position so that a central midfielder can come into their spot which would move the Defenders around in a game situation.

  • You can add extra wingers in (2 on each side). Then make it so that the spare winger who is on the opposite side are making late runs into the box and being at the back post for any missed crosses by the striker.

The #3 and #6 play the striker role. #2 and #4 are central midfielders and #1 and #5 are the wingers and should stay in their channels.

In this first combination the winger (#1) plays it inside to #2. They make a pass in behind the central defender mannequin so the striker (#3) can make a run behind on the blind side and get a shot 1v1 against the goalkeeper.

Now alternate to the other winger (#5) who initiates play.

In this combination, #5 has done a one-two with the central midfielder (#4) who has played it in front so the winger can cross it first time.

The striker (#6) starts their run to get in behind the central defender mannequin. #5 makes a low, hard cross for the striker to run onto and hopefully score!

(Note: #3 is recovering back to their starting striker position after they had made their run in the previous combination).

Happy Coaching!

Chris King Soccer Coach

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