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This drill is from "Training Sessions For Soccer Coaches - Volume 2"

PURPOSE: This drill is aimed at improving players decision making so they don’t force the forward pass when it’s not on. But instead choose the right moment when they have good possession and the forward player is open to receive the pass.

SET UP: - 9 Players (alternatively 6, 10 or 11) - 4 Cones + 5 Discs - 40x40 yard area - 20 minutes

THE DRILL: - 9 Players: 4 Blacks + 2 Greys v 3 Whites - 10 and 11 players: Remove the goals and put a player there - 6 Players: Make 2 quarters into a half. Remove one Black ,Grey and White player so it is 3+1v2

There are 4 squares with a Black player in each. 2 Grey players move between the squares to support the Black player in possession. The 3 White players can move between the squares looking to win possession but only 1 White player can be in any square at any given time.

The aim is for Blacks and Greys to combine, through short passes and good possession, to get the ball to the square that doesn’t have a defender in it.

Once this happens the Black player can shoot into the small goal.

There must be 3 passes in a square before the ball can move to another.

If the Whites win possession, the whole square is open (no restrictions on where or how many players can be in a square at once). Whites keep it for as long as they can - the Greys are now on the Whites team making it 5v4 - and the 4 Black players have to win it back.

Once Blacks win back possession, players reset play restarts from any square.

KEY POINTS: The two Grey players must work hard to get into the square where the ball is. Once there they combine to have at least 3 passes before the ball can move to another square.

All players must be switched on as the ball can come to them at any point. Especially the White defenders as one will need to move between squares to stop the attackers getting it to the spare Black player who can shoot.

When Blacks lose possession it is vital that they try and win possession back straight away. This is because that is how it is done in a real game situation and they will be outnumbered so the best time to win back possession is in the first 3-5 seconds before the opposition get organised.

COACHES NOTES: Please be aware that this drill can seem very confusing for the players when they first do it. But it is well worth using and players get a lot out of it when it is in full swing. Explain it to them for a minute, then do a slow walk through.

To sum it up for the players: The Blacks stay in their square. The 2 Greys move everywhere to support the Black player in possession. The 3 Whites move between squares trying to win possession but only 1 can be in a square at once.

Swap the players over every couple of minutes as it is high intensity, especially for the 2 Grey players.

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