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📗SESSION 3 DRILL 3 from book "Training Sessions For Soccer Coaches Volume 1" "HALF PITCH HIGH INTENSITY GAME"

📗PURPOSE: Working as a team and organising each other to make sure players do their jobs.

📗SET UP: - 12 to 20 Players including 2 GK (Adjust the size of the area accordingly) - 4 Cones - 40x50 yard area - 2 Large goals (or 1 large goal and poles for the other one. Or if no Goalkeepers just use small goals) - 20 minutes

📗THE DRILL: 3 teams of 6 players - 2 teams on, with the third team resting on the side. If you only have enough for 2 teams that’s also perfect.

Formations for each team should be as follows: 5 players: 2-2-1 6 players: 2-3-1 7 players: 3-3-1

As soon as a goal is scored the team that was scored on goes off and the resting team comes on. Play starts from the team that just scored. This makes the team coming on get on and organised quickly.

📗KEY POINTS: - Get the highest midfielder to support the attack and get a full back to push on where possible. You want to have as many forwards with an attack as possible.

- Players on the defensive team not directly involved in the play should be looking at blocking the passing lanes and pushing to the side where the ball is (adjusting their positions as the ball moves).

- If you only have 2 teams, have a 45 second rest every 5 minutes. This will give the players a chance to reset and keep the intensity up and will give you a chance to highlight what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

📗COACHES NOTES: - When a team wins possession, get them to move the ball forward as quickly as possible to catch the opposition out of position. And on the flip side, get the team that has just lost possession to get back in their defensive shape and to block the passing lanes straight away.

- If the game is going too long without a goal being scored, give the two teams a 20 second warning and then take off the team that has been on the longest. This stops the resting team being off for too long and also keeps the intensity up on the pitch.

For this & more drills & advice pick up my book from: Amazon Book: Or a PDF directly from my website

Happy coaching! Chris King.

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