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  • 5 -12 PLAYERS (+ 2 GK if available) If only 5 players just set up one side. If no GK's just use poles a metre inside the corners of the goals for players to aim at.


  • Centre forward hold up & link play + timing of forward runs.


  • 5 to 12 players (+ 2 GK if available) If only 5 players just use one end of the drill. If no GK's just use poles a metre inside the corners of the goals for players to aim at.

  • Use a third or half field. Place goals at each end. Place balls in each goals for GK to play out with.

  • Organise two teams. 1 striker from each team is at each end in the middle v 1 defender from each team. The other players are behind their respective goals.


  • Goal keeper from one team throws or kicks to the Centre Forward.

  • The Centre Forward holds the ball up and waits for the supporting run from a team mate.

  • They can then lay it off to the supporting runner or have a strike themselves.

  • Once this phase of play has finished with either a strike on goal or the defender winning the ball, play starts from the other goal keeper and play goes back the other way. (The supporting attacker from the previous phase peels off & returns to their starting position)


  • Quality of Pass - The pass to the Centre Forward should be well weighted so they can get it under control and lay it off as quickly as possible if required. The pass should be directed to the Centre Forwards 'safe' side so they can shield it from the defender.

  • Hold Up Play - This is a key point of the drill: the centre forward should be strong on the ball! Use this time to get them to practice planting their legs wide so they can't be knocked off balance (keeping the ball next to their furthest fott from the defender) and form a solid shape so the defend can't get to the ball. Also keep an arm up so they can feel where the defender is and nudge them away when needed. A good first touch will give the Centre Forward the chance to set their body.

  • Timing of Supporting Runs - The support player/s running from deep need to time their runs so they can run onto the pass from the Centre Forward at just the right time. They want to stay on side until the pass is made for two reasons: 1- So they are not offside (obviously!) & 2- In case the attacker loses the ball they are not too far forward and can help win the ball back.

  • Finishing - Decision making on what shot to take is key. Mostly it should be a direct, firm strike on goals as it will be around 18 yards with only the 'keeper to beat. But if the 'keeper is off his line, can he be chipped? Or has the 'keeper shut the shooter down and perhaps the shot to take is between the 'keepers legs or take the ball around the 'keeper and finish into an empty net? Encourage the stiker to always be aware of where the 'keeper is positioned so they will know where to put the ball


  • Add an extrta supporting runner and defender to make it 3v2.

  • The coach or a player crosses a ball while the 2 attackers are still up to create another chance.

IMAGE 1 - GK starts play with a kick or throw to the 'Black #1' Centre Forward. As the ball is released 'Black #3' sprints forward to support.

IMAGE 2 - 'Black #1" controls the ball, keeping the 'White #2' defender away from the ball & once 'Black #3' arrives lays the ball off for 'Black #3' to strike on goal.

IMAGE 3 - 'Black #3 peels off to return to their starting position as play starts from the other end.

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Thanks and happy coaching!

Chris King

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