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Improving close control & speed of dribble


Key points of dribbling are: Keep the ball within playing distance; Use the inside & outside of both feet; take quick small steps; look around as you dribble


6 to 12 Players

Being able to dribble at pace & change direction with the ball under close control will help any player. Dribble ‘n’ Flip is a competitive fun game that will get your players smiling & yelling!

Set up a large circle with each two teams on opposite sides with a ball each.

Place 10 cones (5 of one colour, 5 of another) around the circle.

Players have 30 seconds to dribble around the circle flipping the oppositions cones on their sides & turning any of theirs back up that have been flipped over. After 30 seconds the next two players enter & do the same. After all players have had a turn count the number of cones that are the right way up & the team with the most wins!

Progression: Have 3 teams with 3 sets of different coloured cones.

Or have poles spread around & players put the cones on the poles. Whoever has the most cones on the poles wins.

Happy Coaching!

Chris King.

Soccer coaching eBooks/Books available from or Amazon

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