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Updated: Aug 4, 2021


Getting shots on goal to simulate a quick counter attack.

Desperate defending from the defenders is required as well.


  • 10 Players + 2 Goalkeepers (alternatively 12 to 16 players)

  • 10 Cones

  • 2 Dummies (or poles)

  • 20 x 30 yards

  • 15 Minutes


  • This is a ‘mirror’ drill - it works the same from both ends, so once one side finishes the other one starts.

  • Two teams of 5 players, plus a Goalkeeper at each end. Black attacking the goal to the right, White attacking the goal to the left.

  • Once the first pass is made from Black #3, Black #1 sprints out to the ball and either shoots first time or takes a touch and shoots as soon as possible before the defender can shut them down. Meanwhile, as soon as the ball either goes past the dummy or Black #1 takes a touch, White #4 sprints out to put pressure on Black #1.

  • After Black #1 shoots on goal both attacker and defender (White #4) sprint off the ground to the right. White joins the line that is waiting to pass the ball in. Black joins the line of Black players ready to defend.

  • Play starts instantly from the opposite end, with White #3 passing the ball out and White #1 sprinting out to get the ball and take a shot etc.

  • The rotation of players goes: Feeder, to Shooter, to Defender, to Feeder.

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  • Quality/weight of the pass from the first player so the attacker doesn’t have to slow down or break stride.

  • High intensity from everyone to simulate a match situation of a quick counter attack.The attacker should assess early whether to shoot first time or to take a good first touch and then shoot. They should look to see where the defender and goalkeeper are and then decide how much time they have before the recovering defender gets to them and where to place their shot.


  • Attackers should shoot first time if the pass is well weighted.

  • If the defender gets across and shuts the attacker down, tell the attacker to fake their shot and cut back onto their other foot to get the defender off balance.

  • Tell the defenders to get across quickly to slow the attacker down. This can buy a second or two to allow more defenders to get back in a real game and may be the difference between a goal or not.


  • Have two attackers go from the same team and allow the defender to go out as soon as the ball is passed. This will create another counter attack situation of 2v1 that defenders may encounter during matches in the dying minutes of a game.

  • Keep score. Play for 5 minutes and count the shoots.

  • If a player scores they get to pick someone from the opposition team to do push ups.

  • If both teams score twice in a row the coach has to do push ups.

If you found this drill useful here is a link to my eBooks/Paperback books that have some valuable information and soccer drills for soccer coaches. Available for purchase as a PDF directly through my site or as an eBook or Paperback directly from

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